Texting Pet Peeves


Image Credited to Roxy R.

There are many pet peeves when you text.

Roxy R. , Writer

Yes, texting is great! I mean come on, we can talk to almost anyone just by texting on our phones. But with every great thing come some annoying pet peeves.

Getting Left On ‘Read’  Read 12:48

Oh yes, the worst thing ever! Well maybe this isn’t the worst thing ever, but it’s so annoying! Weirdly enough, it makes some people feel bad. I text you, knowing you don’t have anything going on. Then you reply 20 minutes later? You could’ve at least tried to disable your read receipts, but nope. Instead you read my text and chose to leave me hanging. “The purpose of a text is to get a reply within minutes. If I wanted to wait I would just write a letter,” said Kanye West.


I totally texted you to get spammed! When a simple conversation turns into you spamming me with memes, really? It makes me want to avoid texting you again. Hold the spamming of memes for someone who doesn’t get annoyed. Good luck with that!

One Text Leads To You Calling Me?

Seeing how you started the conversation with a simple “Hey what you doing?” and I reply with “Nothing much you?” I expect a text not a call! Come on, isn’t that the point of texting? If I wanted to call, I would have in the first place. Leave the calling for your parents, buddy.

I Give You A Long Essay Of A Text And You Reply With “k”

Now this is just plain rude. With my ranting I expect some feedback! I totally didn’t just waste 10 good minutes of my time pouring my heart out about that person I like, for you to reply like that. “k.” Ouch. That hurt.

Spelling Errors

Simply, when someone can’t use common sense when you send a spelling error in a text. For example, “I likw that movie so much!” They reply with, “Likw?” Seriously? How is that hard to understand what I meant. Never thought that one letter error was so challenging to understand for you.

These are just some of the many annoying pet peeves, that come with texting. Although these things happen, texting is still  an amazing, revolutionary way of communicating online!