Honolulu Wins The Little League World Series!


Photo credited to U.S. Air Force.

In a gripping championship game, Honolulu takes the gold.

Raghu C., Writer

The 10-day Little League World Series ended yesterday when Honolulu Little League beat South Seoul. Japan yet again made the podium, when their team, the Kawaguchi Little League defeated Peachtree City Little League in the consolation game.

Honolulu beat South Seoul, 3-0, winning the Little League World Series. Mana Lau Kong started Honolulu off by hitting a solo homer in the bottom of the 1st. In the 3rd inning, Taylin Oana and Zachary Won scored on a wild pitch, putting the game in the bag for Honolulu.

The 3rd place game ended with the score of 8-2. Japan had 1 home run from Masoto Agarshi, the first baseman. They went on to score 7 of their 8 runs in the 2nd inning, taking a giant lead. Peachtree City could not come back from the deficit, scoring only 2 runs in the 5th inning. Kawaguchi took the game and finished with a bronze in the 2018 Little League World Series.