5 Homework And Study Hacks


Photo credited to Public Domain Pictures.

These 5 tips and tricks will help you in the classroom.

Madilyn S., Writer

#5 Get Organized!

Forgot what your homework was last night? After hearing your sob story, your teacher may know exactly what your problem is. She will inform you that you didn’t write in your PACK planner! Not again?! Your PACK planner is pretty useful, especially this year with all those fancy-schmancy colors and updated pages. Don’t tell yourself, “Oh, I don’t need to write it down! I’ll remember it.” That’s a total lie. You know you won’t. Just write in your planner; it’s not going to bite you.

#4 Assign Your Personal Area

You should have a spot in your home where you can do your homework or study without anything distracting you. No electronics peeps…log out of Fortnite! Get your electronics far far away so you can’t play on them. Don’t even try to study on your bed or any kind of sofa. The comfiness will probably cause you to fall asleep!  Also, every once in a while, think about moving your spot to a different area. Staying in the same spot every single weekday can make you feel less inspired. Grab a clipboard and stick your feet in the pool or something. Got a balcony? Use it.

#3 Uh… Where’s My Math Book?

Before you leave the house to go school, make sure you have all of your school-related thinga-ma-bobs and especially your homework. Ladies! We all know you can’t live without your rainbow-colored highlighters and pens. Don’t forget them. One other distraction? The magnetic draw to a screen:  I’m going to go play Fortnite. First, pack up all of your things before coming anywhere close to anything digital. Put your backpack in a spot you where won’t forget it. No, not in a trashcan! Have hooks near the garage door or front door? Hang it there instead.

#2 Breaks

Studying for 20-50 minutes can be sheer torture. Take 10 to 20-minute breaks when you finish an assignment to stretch, get a snack or drink, play with your pet or even practice your instrument. No Fortnight! No texting your friend about your teary break up. Make sure you have a timer so you know when to get back to studying. Giving yourself breaks is the most effective way to memorize information.

#1 Music

I know a lot kids our age are into rap, country, pop and other music genres. But listening to songs with lyrics can be distracting. Singing while working is just asking for trouble. Instead, listen to classical songs, or even a playlist on Spotify that have instrumental songs without lyrics. I don’t think that it is possible to search up “no lyric rap songs.” I personally listen to a playlist on Spotify called No Lyrics Pop Covers. You may recognize some songs, but you can’t sing along to the lyrics, because there aren’t any! HAHA!

Now go do your homework!