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10 School Pet Peeves That Drive Students Crazy

What is your school pet peeve?

What is your school pet peeve?

Image credited to Ella D.

Image credited to Ella D.

What is your school pet peeve?

Ethan N. and Sydnee R.

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10. Freezing Room Temperatures

Since we live in So Cal, temperatures can get a bit scorching and our teachers don’t always appreciate that. As soon as you walk into their classrooms, you feel cool, then colder, then really cold. If I need four blankets to stay slightly warm, there’s a problem. Our friend Isabelle P. also addressed this problem.

9. Getting in Trouble for Nothing

Sitting in the back row with a bunch of chatterboxes, your teacher is ready to bring down the hammer. And what did you do? You sat at your assigned seat and listened. But thanks to your ‘buddies,’ your teacher decided to hand out a small pink stack of lunch detentions – including one for you. Great.

8. Pacers

*cue robotic male voice* The Pacer Gram Fitness Test will now begin. After about 10 runs, your knees begin to give out. After about 20 runs, your throat burns of thirst. Have fun trying to get past 50 for a passing grade. Or 100 for a free water bottle! What’s the point of running these laps over and over again? Child abuse.

7. Dropping IXL Scores

Sweat beads slightly form on your forehead as you slowly click “enter” and… you’re wrong! Yay! You went from 99 to 78. What kind of point system is that? We need a good (*cough* decent) grade for this IXL, but it’s practically impossible.

6. One-Uppers

Your teacher passes back your most recent test scores and basically the entire class failed. Then that one student got an 99.999% and then complained about it. While they’re upset over an A++, some are happy with a 65%.

5. Kids Who Ask Questions That Have Already Been Answered

The teacher says exactly when the homework is due twice and the next thing you hear is “When is it due again?” Can everyone facepalm for a second? Seriously, open your ears instead of opening your mouths.

4. Writing In Your Pack Planners

It’s 2018, people! We have computers in this amazing world of ours. Teacher Web exists for a reason, you know. Or we can just set reminders on our phones to “Read for 20 minutes” or “Do your peer reviews.” We’re wasting trees and money with our pack planners.

3. Tests On Mondays

You come back from a weekend that was 80% sleeping and 20% eating and suddenly there’s a loud slap of a paper on your desk. A test worth 60% of your overall grade sits in front of you and grins evilly. You’re slowly sweating on the spot. Why? Why would teachers assign a test on a Monday?

2. Homework Overload

No matter how much (teachers say) homework helps, we want to at least try to have a social (media) life. But instead, we have four hours of homework. “Research suggests that middle school students who complete 60 to 90 minutes of homework per night perform as well on standardized tests as the students who spend more time,” according to the LA Times. Enough is enough.

1. “The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do”

Ahhh. The common phrase that every teacher is required to say at the end of the day. The saying that always manages to annoy you, no matter how good of a day you’re having. All we want is to get out of school and enjoy the luxury of our couch. Why does the bell even exist if we’re not going to use it?

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10 School Pet Peeves That Drive Students Crazy