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Horoscopes: Bogus Or The Real Deal?

What is your zodiac sign?

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What is your zodiac sign?

Sol A., Writer

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You had a bad day. Woke up too late, forgot your homework on your table and missed the bus to school. As you’re walking to class, you just keep thinking: Why me? Why today? Don’t worry, it’s probably because Mercury is in your path.

Think I’m joking? Astrology is often looked at as an excuse for people to have bad days and worse attitudes. But there may be some science behind these so-called “Confirmation Biases.” According to, a Confirmation Bias is “the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories.”  Also, Astrology may not be Confirmation Bias because there is possible evidence that humans do have the ability to detect earth’s magnetic field, according to If we can do that, who’s to say we don’t react to earth’s rotation?

However, it is more likely that zodiacs are a whole lot of bogus. See, old astronomers were not aware of the theory of precession. According to, “Precession is the movement of the earth spinning on its axis caused by the gravitational pull of the moon on earth.” Due to this, the location of constellations are different now than 300 years ago. So being a Cancer is pointless, because the history of astronomy might really mean you’re a Sagittarius.

Even if astrology isn’t entirely scientific or doesn’t have a lot of factual information, it is a perfect outlet to blame your issues. Overslept? Jupiter is really clashing with your aura. Lashed out at your parents? Simply tell them it is because you’re an Aries, and Mars is really in your path this week. In the end, whether or not zodiacs have evidence to support themselves, we can always count on them as a saving grace when anything remotely unsatisfactory happens.

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Sol A., Writer
Sol A. is a seventh grader at Day Creek intermediate. Sol loves to read, write and bake. When she grows up, she wants to be an actor, director or journalist.  She is kind of goofy and has a unique sense of humor. Sol wants to be a large figure in the media because she loves...
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Horoscopes: Bogus Or The Real Deal?