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Nostalgic Memories Of Our Pre-K Past

Oh! I remember those!

Oh! I remember those!

Image credited to Eve H.

Image credited to Eve H.

Oh! I remember those!

Emily L. and Demiana G.

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Remember when everybody came home with red marks covering their whole arms either from the unreasonably large amount of Silly Bandz, or playing the “Indian Burn” with their friends? That collective gasp from all the readers (including you) was the result of remembering those good ol’ days. Nowadays, kids have so much to do: from school, to sports and other hobbies. Not to mention how big of a role technology plays in our lives. Sometimes it’s good to sit back and remember those good old days in first grade, where you were untouched by three-page essays and stressful classes. This article is here to help you get in touch with 6-year-old you. Now let’s turn back the clock and remember our favorite playtime toys:

  1. Silly BandzYes, we’re talking about those rubber bracelets shaped like rockets, unicorns, and so many other things too. A whole galaxy on the wrists (actually, more like arms) of little children. Remember when it got so out of hand, with them being traded that they were banned?
  2. Twinkle ToesTo all you girls out there, you have had to at least stomp your feet once in class. Who wouldn’t want to see those flashing lights!
  3. Legos– A whole new world. Kids comparing their spaceships and houses, and then screaming in pain when one of those colorful bricks came into contact with your bare feet.
  4. Rainbow Loom– Ahh, those days of brading colorful plastic bands were so nostalgic right? People even asked their more artistic friends to make intricate bracelets for them! Sadly, that may have been most of us…
  5. Remote Control Cars As you sit on the couch you slowly maneuver the car toward your unsuspecting sibling. Then, vroom! You speed up the little car and it goes crashing into your sibling! The look on their face was priceless. These little controllable bots were the best things ever – at least until you broke them.
  6. Tea Party Sets– Remember sitting in a blanket tent with your stuffed animals and pretending to be royalty while sipping “tea” from a fancy mini cup poured from a fancy mini kettle. Good times.
  7. Beanie babies– Awww, these were so cute! With their big, glittery eyes. Every girl treated them like a baby. I mean seriously. Some girls even had names and clothes for them (I was one of them). But they are still cute nonetheless.
  8. Hot Wheels– You weren’t considered cool unless you had at least two of the little guys. What? With every one of your friends racing them and trading them, everyone got sucked in eventually.
  9. Barbies– Ok, come on girls, you’re a liar if you are thinking that you have never been obsessed with these iconic pretty pink dolls. Watching every single movie and having at least twenty dolls was just a natural phase, and no matter how short it was, every little girl went through this.
  10. Heelys– Those bulky, but still good-looking shoes that gave children the ability to glide, and unfortunately crash and fall, but that didn’t ruin their reputation as one of the coolest shoes you could buy. Although, it might have caused mothers all around the nation a bit of a migraine.
  11. My Little Pony– These little horses made a name for themselves, with their colorful hair and even more colorful coats. From their own television series to whole aisles in the toy store filled with bright pink and green horses, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing about them.
  12. Beyblades– LET IT RIP!!!!!! That was the slogan for these pocket-sized toys. The objective was to have two Beyblades in one area – the first Beyblade to get knocked out of the “arena” lost. Like a cooler version of those tops that people get in party-favor bags.

Now that the fun is over, it is unfortunately time to remember that you can’t stay in first grade forever. Although you might feel sad that you can’t go back in time to make those types of memories anymore, you just have to remember that even as you grow older, you will never stop having fun and making new memories, except for tests. Sorry, but I can’t make anyone miss those. Our world is swiftly changing, so that must mean that there are new memories on their way. For example, we might finally get rocket powered shoes. But seriously though, I’m not kidding, Someone needs to get to work on those!

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About the Writers
Emily L., Writer

Emily enjoys going anywhere in nature or isolation, especially near the mountains and water. She loves to read, dance and draw. She is slightly aggressive, but is usually passive. An ambivert at heart, she is also very good at keeping up a facade.

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Demiana G., Writer

Demiana loves acting, drawing (flowers only), reading and softball. In her free time, she loves to bake and play with her rabbit. She also enjoys telling bad jokes and playing outside. Demiana loves writing and is excited to be part of the Howl.

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Nostalgic Memories Of Our Pre-K Past