The Ongoing Fight Between Paperback Books And E-Books


Image credited to Eve H.

In the ongoing battle between E-book and books, which side do you choose?

Crystal M., Writer

Almost everything is based on technology these days. Handwritten papers have turned into digital essays on Chromebooks, talking to friends has morphed into messaging through Snapchat and Instagram.  And what about books? There are tablets and apps specially designed for reading, such as the Kindle and the Nook. Is being engaged on a tablet better than being engaged in a paper book?

Paperback books consume more and more trees each year. There are specific farms used to produce book trees. The book industry has a carbon footprint of 12.4 metric tons of carbon dioxide. This may have detrimental effects on our environment. In addition, the newspaper and book publishing industries together use 153 gallons of water yearly. But is it better to stare at a screen for hours?

Many people enjoy paperback books better over the e-books, like Day Creek’s librarians, Mrs. Gonzalez and Mrs. Ratkovic.

“As far as convenience is concerned, ebooks are great because say you’re reading a book at home, finish it and then you’re can’t [return it] till Monday. You could go online and read an e-book. I think there will always be a physical library because a lot of people do prefer the paperback books. I think there will always be the need for libraries. As a reader, I like paperback books [because] I grew up [with them]. As with anything in life, you have to be able to change and evolve,” said Mrs. Gonzalez.

“I have mixed feelings about [ebooks]. I love real books but I know the convenience [of ebooks] are great. I like the real books [because] I like to see what I’m reading opposed to on a screen,” said Mrs. Ratkovic.

An online book or e-book is popular for high school and college kids. The Kindle is the most widespread device used for reading online. Ebooks can be updated faster than paperback books. Also, e-books are more portable than carrying multiple paperback books.  There are a vast amount of books to choose from. However, looking at a screen for hours at a time could be bad for your health. It can’t make you blind, but it has the ability to damage your eyes.

“[I like] ebooks because online, fewer people use them so you get the opportunity to get the books you want. Ebooks [also] take up less space [because] you can put it on your computer,“ said Caroline D., a 7th-grade student.

There is a preference for paperback books but ebooks are more convenient. Paperback books often hold an emotional connection while ebooks are easier to receive. Overall, there are many pros and cons to paperback books and e-books.