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Re-Writing The Rules Of The Internet

My social status is doomed!

My social status is doomed!

Image credited to Eve H.

Image credited to Eve H.

My social status is doomed!

Emily L., Writer

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Imagine this, one day you decide to go on YouTube to totally not procrastinate from doing your homework. Instead of seeing the the usual lines of recommended videos, this is what pops up.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, please pay for your ‘Social’ package in order to access this application.”

What? You’ve been waiting forever to watch the newest video about your favorite Youtuber (a.k.a Logan Paul) doing something stupid again! But that’s not the point here. What on earth is this “Social” package that has never been here before?! Actually, a better question would be, why is this here and has it been here forever?!

No, this will not happen to you. At least, not yet. But let me explain what prevents these terrifying words from popping up on your screen.

Two boring words. Net neutrality. As The Nation explains, net neutrality is what “guarantees that speech is equal on the network of networks.In other words, net neutrality keeps the Internet equal and free for everyone.

For example, imagine videos or TV shows as packets (you can pretend these are ketchup or mustard packets if it helps).  All these “packets” of video data stream to everyone’s device at the same rate. If net neutrality is repealed, this means that some network companies can choose which people can have faster or slower “packet” delivery.

So why would anyone want to remove this beautiful rule from the Internet? Even though this may have bad effects, the positive side is actually reasonable. First of all, as users of say, net neutrality causes internet traffic. Going back to the “[ketchup] packets as data” example, if many people are searching up pictures of the same category, removing net neutrality can allow people who are at work or school to get their information faster than someone who skipped school and has nothing to do. What do we learn from this? Don’t skip school if you want possibly fast internet in the future!

The vote takes place today. Click here to watch it happen.  If you don’t really mind the possible changes, go back to watching some ear-shattering music videos.

Update: As this article was headed to print on December 14, Net Neutrality was repealed. What does the future of Internet hold?

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Re-Writing The Rules Of The Internet