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10 Crazy Things The Ancient Romans Actually Did

The ancient Romans did some crazy things!

The ancient Romans did some crazy things!

Image credited to Eve H.

Image credited to Eve H.

The ancient Romans did some crazy things!

Sonia P., Writer

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Here are 10 crazy facts about the Ancient Romans that we bet you never knew!

10. Romans Drank Gladiator Blood To Cure Epilepsy

Did you know gladiator blood was prescribed by Roman doctors to cure different diseases such as epilepsy and infertility. Since gladiator blood was quite pricey, someone could also buy an executed prisoner’s blood which would probably have the same effects. What a rip-off!

9. Purple Clothing Was All The Rage

Purple clothing was saved just for Roman emperors. To produce the color, the shade was made using murex seashells. It was a crime for anybody other than the ruler to dress totally in purple. Good thing Barney didn’t exist yet!

8. Roman Women Thought Unibrows Were Attractive

Ancient Roman women adored dull eyebrows that practically formed a unibrow. They would use residue made from antimony or soot to make their eyebrows more emotional and detectable. Not pretty to me! Turns out Bert from Sesame Street would have been quite the ladies man in Rome!

7. Roman Emperors Consumed Every Known Poison In Order To Gain Immunity

Roman kings were known for taking a little amount of each known poison to gain immunity. The blend was known as Mithridatium, it was named after the maker of the poison, Mithridates the Great. He trusted he had created something to immunize himself from almost anything toxic. He lived into his 80s, so, perhaps he was onto something. Or perhaps he just got lucky.

6. Wealthy Romans Did Something Gross to Keep an Appetite

WARNING: If you’re eating please skip this fact! When wealthy Romans threw lavish feasts that lasted for hours, they would stuff their faces with food and then vomit so they could continue eating. Yummy.

5. Roman Women Loved Dyeing Their Hair

Dyeing hair among women were very popular, with red and blonde being the most famous colors. Color hues were achieved through various fixings: goat fat, beech wood ashes, henna, saffron and bleach. Well, that’s one thing that hasn’t changed.

4. What! A Horse Can Be A Politician?

Caligula’s most loved horse, Incitatus, lived in a marble stable, with an ivory trough. Caligula attempted to make his horse a politician. Well, it’s not like the horse was any smarter than some of our politicians today.

3. Romans Didn’t Use Soap

While Romans were to a great degree clean, they didn’t use soap. Instead, they would apply perfumed oils to their skin, then rub it off with a tool known as a strigil. That sounds too much like a scalpel for comfort.

2. Cosmetics Worn By Women Were Very Smelly

To conceal the stench of cosmetics worn by women, the Ancient Romans utilized different scents acquired from the aromas of blossoms, plants and seeds. They were mixed into a cream produced from fats and oils. Myrrh, frankincense, cardamom and cinnamon was applied to blend the outlandish aromas used by Roman ladies.

1. Romans Used Urine To Wash Their Clothes

Ever wonder how people in the ancient times washed their clothes? Ancient Romans used urine (due to the alkali it contains) for their laundry. The urine was gathered by Roman dry cleaners around the city. Pretty clever, but that’s definitely YUCKY!

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10 Crazy Things The Ancient Romans Actually Did