Are Roller Backpacks Beneficial?


Image credited to Eve H.

Do roller backpacks really deserve their bad rap?

Sonia P., Writer

The title might ring a bell in the heads of our faithful Howl readers. A writer last year who wrote “The Roller Backpack Ban” was…how should I put this nicely…wrong. Most students at Day Creek find themselves stuffing many things into their backpacks. From 1 to 3 inch binders, to their pet rock, Patrick. Don’t deny it, 6th graders.  

Inevitably, everything stored makes for a really heavy backpack that you can’t even carry. What’s the next option? A roller backpack, which really doesn’t even deserve their bad rap. Imagine you were walking on campus and you swing your bulky shoulder backpack into someone’s face. Five minutes later, their friends are crouching over their semi-conscious body. Dad is a lawyer, and you’re headed for court. Your parents disown you. Finally, you are reduced to living in a cardboard box. It sounds like a DirecTV advertisement, but you never know.  It could happen.

For those of you who feel you are carrying an exceptional amount of items, but you still think it’s perfectly fine looking like an humpback whale, I would totally recommend ignoring your peers for a day and getting a roller backpack. Who knows? My recommendation might have saved you from future back sprains (not to mention living in a box).

According to a Tel Aviv University study, “Frequent use of heavy backpacks can damage the soft shoulder tissues, leading to microstructural damage of the nerves. The nerve damage can limit the muscles’ ability to respond to the brain, inhibiting movement of the hand and fingers.”

And don’t give me that stuff about your backpack not being jam-packed. If it isn’t, perhaps you’re a little less studious or likely prepared for school, and you’re raising the chances that you’ll fail in life. Back to the cardboard box for you.  To carry that extra weight, get a roller backpack.

“Overloaded book bags aren’t only responsible for back injuries, although that is the main concern. But heavy book bags have also been found to cause neck pain, shoulder strain, headaches and a general exhaustion. Book bags that weigh too much may also be to blame for some ankle injuries as they cause their carriers to walk improperly under their oppressive weight,” according to a study done by the Central University from Lucknow India.

If mobility is the problem for you, then no need to worry! Roller backpacks come in all sizes, colors, patterns, shapes, brands, etc. They take the weight off of your shoulders, letting you maneuver from place to place, while acting like a bulldozer to remove anyone in your way. The embarrassment that you will suffer for unintentionally tripping someone will only last for 2 minutes, but the curvature in your spine could last a lifetime!