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People Taken To A Hospital After Mall Stabbing

Ajooni G., Writer

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On Saturday, September 17th, at least eight people were sent to a hospital with injuries after being stabbed at a Minnesota mall. The stabbing ended with the suspected attacker dead inside the mall. The St. Cloud hospital reported to that out of the eight people brought there, seven had injuries that were not life threatening.

According to, the FBI is calling the attack “a potential act of terrorism.” But no evidence has been found tying the suspect directly to terror groups, the police chief said.

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Ajooni G., Editor Emeritus

Ajooni G. is a 9th grader at Los Osos. She loves playing tennis, and is on the LOHS JV tennis team. Ajooni enjoys going to football games (especially UCLA games! Go Bruins!), and loves watching soccer with her dad. Ajooni absolutely can’t wait to be editor emeritus of the 2018-19 Journalism class, and is excited to watch the growth of the Howl. She is extremely excited for high school, but will definitely miss DCIS! If you have any questions about the Howl (or high school… or anything….), be sure to get in contact with Ajooni!

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People Taken To A Hospital After Mall Stabbing