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Whatever Happened to VSCO girls?

Madi C.
Vsco girl accessories vs preppy girl accessories.

Perhaps you remember the VSCO trend from 2020, and its demise post Covid. But did it really go away? Or did the VSCO girls of old simply transform into today’s Preppies

It sure looks like they did. 

Those same girls who made the nonstop renegade TikToks are now creating unusually long GRWM videos. Platform Ugg’s and preppie skincare purchased on Saturday during those Lululemon shopping sprees are showing up on campus on Monday. 

Everything has simply morphed into a cousin of its former self: scrunchies into Pura Vida, Hydro Flasks into Stanley’s, and baggy T-shirts into fitted tanks. Not enough proof for you?  Cowrie shell necklaces have mutated into Kendra Scott, Carmex into Summer Fridays and Birkenstocks into mini Uggs. And who could forget those Fjallraven Kanken backpacks. They’ve been subtly replaced by Lululemon belt bags.

Mark Twain is thought to have said, “History may not repeat itself. But it rhymes.” No kidding. As cultural relevance goes, what’s old has definitely become new once again. 

“I feel like trends repeat themselves because we want to make more memories of the previous trends we already did,” said Maya J. 

Just who are these teens that are wandering our halls and malls? Oxford languages defined preppy as, “A student or graduate of an expensive prep school or a person resembling such a student in dress or appearance.” Perhaps the connotation loses a little bit of steam with the school uniforms and expensive private schools, but a reflection of cash is definitely still there. 

Back in 2020, VSCOs invested in Saving the Turtles with metal straws. Remember the everpresent sksksksk. This time around it involves anything Lululemon and Drunk Elephant.  

“In some ways, I think trends like to repeat themselves because people may want to bring back the nostalgia of the first time.That’s why VSCO’s and preppies are so similar,” said Kate B. 


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