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Ship it or Skip it

A student shipping two (fictional) people together. 
Sydney N.
A student shipping two (fictional) people together. 

In our strange world of middle school love, dating is forbidden at home but encouraged at school. There are a couple of benefits in young-teen relationships. According to Jodi Dworkin from the University of  Minnesota, “Teens can learn from both the good and the bad. Dating can help build self-esteem, help teens discover who they are, and help build social and relationship skills. Learning how to be part of a healthy relationship is an important skill to develop.”

When there’s dating there’s shipping. If you’re a Gen Y reader who’s living in a bubble, offers the following: “to wish a couple that you like to stay together because you like them or because they are cute. Or to wish two people you like and/or want to be together.” 

Shipping is common among middle schoolers, fandoms of TV and video games, pop culture, etc. because it sparks debates between two sides about whether or not the (relation)ship works. Shipping reflects the cultural fact that everyone has a voice (except for the people being shipped).

“A lot of people like to see others get in a relationship because they find it cute to be in [one],” said Bella C.

Students campus-wide love to play matchmaker. Victims of shipping flinch at the words ‘you two look so cute together’ and ‘you’d make such a cute couple.’ 

“Oh my god, when you’re in class and you talk to someone that is the opposite gender as you and [people go like,] ‘awww!’[it’s so]…AAAAAAAH!!” said Lyra L. To translate, shipping stinks. 

Shipping can also be a source of drama – or for middle schoolers – a source of entertainment. 

“Shipping is fun to talk about with your friends and bond over. It’s middle school. It’s dramatic, so it’s really exciting for some people. When you ship two people, the other person can get really hyped up, and you may get hyped up too [if] they kinda approve the ship,” Jane Z.

Though it may be reassuring for some when shipped with their crush, the general consensus is that shipping is a little bit obnoxious. But there’s more to it than that. Crazily enough, it can actually happen in multiple ways. ‘Kiss, marry, kill’ is a prime example. Even after your friends say, ‘We won’t ship you, we promise,’ the second you choose who you’d marry,  you’re bombarded with comments about how you two have such good chemistry. 

“If two people are very good friends and they get shipped together, and they don’t want to be [shipped] at all, it causes awkward tension between them, and they may possibly grow apart because they don’t want to be put together like that,” says Lyra L. 

“If I’m getting shipped by someone I like, I’m all for it. If I’m getting shipped by someone annoying, then it’s not good,” said Jane Z.

Whether or not the people have “good chemistry” is besides the point – shipping people without their consent puts people in an unpleasant position. It makes them feel pressured and uncomfortable. 

“Nobody likes shipping,” said Lyra L.




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