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Future Junior Olympians?

This is Hudson C.(Left), Anthony A., and Brayden H. (Right.)
Madi C.
This is Hudson C.(Left), Anthony A., and Brayden H. (Right.)

Water polo players on the Rancho Tsunami Water Polo Club team, Hudson, Brayden, and Anthony, work hard to balance time in the classroom with competition in the pool. 

“I don’t have much time for homework because I come home late from practice. Yes [it’s stressful],” said Hudson C.

Water polo is a competitive team sport played between two 7-player teams. The game has four quarters. Players attempt to score goals by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s net. At the end of a game, the team with the most goals wins. Water polo is considered one of the most difficult sports around because of the endurance, speed, and strength it requires. So, why would our Day Creek students choose to play?  

“I was always good at swimming, so I decided to try a new sport,” said Hudson C.

“[Water polo] is unique and I like the challenge that it’s the hardest sport,” said Brayden H.

“My cousin David, he played [water polo] for years and I kind of looked up to him as a kid, so I started playing this sport too,” said Anthony A.

All three will be competing soon to qualify for the Junior Olympics. Competitions are held in both Texas and San Dimas. 

These talented athletes have plenty of motivation to win. Maintaining strength and a positive mindset will be necessary toward earning a spot on the Junior Olympics for Hudson, Brayden, and Anthony. 

“[To help me prepare for water polo I] eat healthy and just exercise. [Also] working hard and listening to coaches [would help me qualify for the Junior Olympics],” said Brayden H. 

According to coaches, this is what each of his players will do to give them the best shot at victory.

“Hudson, Anthony, and Brayden have grown as water polo players tremendously. They all came in brand new and have put in hard work and dedication to becoming better players. They stand out by getting to practice on time and putting in 100% at practice,” said Coach Logan H.

Like every sports team, teammates recognize that it’s not a solo sport; everyone has to look out for one another. Each swimmer feels confident when they know the support of their teammates. 

“[My teammates] are nice. I like passing them in the water and before practice talking with them,” said Anthony A. 

“I have the best teammates that I could have ever asked for. They always cheer us on [when we] make a shot. [If we don’t make a shot] they tell us we can always make the next one. My friends [on my team]  inspire me and push me to do my best,” Hudson C.

Because of their grit, Hudson, Brayden, and Anythony are able to play with confidence as  advanced swimmers. They believe in themselves and each other, which should allow them to go far. Good luck guys! The Howl wishes you all success toward a spot in the Junior Olympics!

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