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 Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Sydney N.
Unwanted gifts are no fun.

Christmas was great, but the month that follows can be pretty miserable. Why? You already know the answer to that. You got a gift (or more) that you don’t want.

“I’m sad because it’s not Christmas anymore and you don’t get to wait for Christmas. That made life feel horrible,” said Alessandra B.

The Christmas music is long gone, but what remains is that hot pink Barbie Dream house box – you know, the one with the electric elevator – that’s sitting in the corner of your room. What could have been a less expensive, but more appropriate pair of pink Crocs was the perfect gift for a 3rd grader. 

“I would feel kind of sad because sometimes you feel bad about not liking the present they spent their money to get you,” said Kate B.

We feel pressured to keep the gift that we are given. We hide our true response to prevent hurting Great Aunt Edna’s tender feelings.

“I mean I got clothes once, and they didn’t fit, and I was like I can’t wear them so do you think I can return these and I did,” said Alessandra B.

 We’re not trying to be greedy or selfish; the best kind of gift is one that is purposeful, intentional, and meaningful. The Dreamhouse may be expensive, but it’s not a fit. Have you ever read the “Gift of the Magi?”

“I would describe [the feeling as] not really good because the gift stinks,” said Kate B.

From the perspective of the giver, the waste of time and money spent also brings disappointment. 

“I would feel hurt, if they said something about it,” said Savannah M.

What would the giver want you to do? Most givers would want the recipient to return the gift and choose something different to enjoy or use. 

“It kind of depends who gives [the gift] to me and what it is. If it’s someone I know really well I might be a little disappointed,” said Mrs. Kuramata.

Many movies talk about the struggle to find the perfect gift for a special person but never state how hard it is if they don’t like the gift. The idea of gift rejection may cause the giver to wonder how well they know the receiver.

“You might hurt their feelings and change their perspective of seeing you and the way you are. They might think you’re rude.” said Ginger L.

All of us know that gift-giving is a challenge. While giving should reflect an attentive giver, receivers have to give grace and show appreciation when they get an unwanted gift. Even when it gets a little messy, no one means to be impolite about anything. That would be worse than the Barbie Dream House. 

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