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New Statue Has Students Barking

The statue in question, at Central Parks Dog Park
Sydney N.
The statue in question, at Central Park’s Dog Park

Controversy surrounds the local Central Park Dog Park. The dog park has divided Day Creek students as well as the local community. And all of the drama comes from the new statue that sits outside of the chain link fence.

This bright yellow twelve-foot canine statue doesn’t represent a specific breed, rather a mix of dog types ranging from a doberman to a german shepherd to a rottweiler. Basically, it’s a big, scary, angular knock-off Jeff Koon’s Balloon Dog. However, the hate comes from the color of the statue: bright yellow, which also happens to be the color of pee.

“I like it. It helps signify that it is a dog park,” said Jaylen M.

The statue, called “On Point,” is composed of ⅛ inch steel. With its angled panels, the dog reflects light in various directions. Student opinion about the dog is just as varied as its metal plates. .

“I think it’s very cool with the different shapes,” said Natalia F.

This statue is also exceedingly bright, which can be good and bad, considering the color. It is definitely eye-catching.

“There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just big and bright,” said Jallisa M. 

“I think it is great. First of all, every city needs something to be known for, other than a city name with 78 syllables,” said a smiling Mr. Hernandez.

Mr. Hernandez was adamant that the dog needs to sit and stay.

“I think [the statue] should be permanently cemented into the ground. Oh wait, it is,” Mr. Hernandez said sarcastically.

While the scraping among students was common, others don’t see the need for the fight.

“I’ve heard of the controversy but I don’t care for the controversy,” said Mr. Henry.

Other students were more than willing to claw and scrap to share their opinion. 

“It stands out too much, and they should have painted it a different color,” said Alexia Q. “Why is it yellow?” 

The metal canine was described as an “eyesore,” “unnecessary” and “out of place” by 7th grade student Kasha L. “It takes up too much space. The space [which] could have been used for something else,” said Kasha.

Known for his unique reactions to pretty much everything, Mr. Henry didn’t let the Howl down. “It reminds me of the golden cow in the Bible,” he said.

For those worried about a misuse of money, the dog wasn’t paid for through local taxes. Its $20,000 bill came from  the city’s public art account, which is solely funded by donations.

The controversy will bark on, but the 4.4-acre dog park itself is great. Central Park Dog Park recognizes the different demeanors of dogs, and has separated the area into three one-acre enclosures for bigger and smaller dogs to play off leash without injury.

“I think [the park] is good and nice, The statue helps attract people into the park,” said 6th grader Colin S.

It’s clear that the people that like the park have a positive view on the statue.

So what do you think? Are people barking up the wrong tree?

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