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When Should You Start Celebrating?

Mr. Gossage’s class decorations .
Sydney N.
Mr. Gossage’s class decorations .

The annual debate resurfaces: When is the right time to begin celebrating Christmas?

Day Creek Intermediate student Brady R. said, “After Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start Christmas. Most people start after Halloween, but there is still another holiday to celebrate.”

However, Brady has a challenger!

“I start decorating November 1, because Christmas is a season, not a holiday,” Mrs. Figuroa said, “It’s a serotonin boost to have your lights and decorations up.”

There is certainly a logical reason as to why November 1 is the perfect date to start celebrating, yet the argument continues. 

“I decorate the day after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving still has value and should be celebrated,” said Mr. Henry, P.E. teacher.

Mr. Henry raises a valid point. Thanksgiving is an important holiday where people can be around their families and friends and show their thankfulness. 

“I start decorating in the middle of November, around the 20th because my family celebrates Christmas more than Thanksgiving,” said Kasha L. 

Christmas makes people happy inside, but who says you can’t enjoy the best of both worlds? Thanksgiving and Christmas are both important because they bring people together, and that’s why ‘tis the season to be jolly.

“Christmas starts November 1 because it is the best part of the year to put your tree up, to get the eggnog out, to watch the Hallmark Channel Christmas specials,” said 7th grade teacher Mrs. Harris. “You observe Thanksgiving from the day before, the day of and the day after Thanksgiving.”

In the end, the Howl has decided there isn’t a correct answer to our question. Anyone can celebrate anytime they want to, even if they want to start during summer.

“People are free to do whatever they want. I believe you can start decorating in January. They can have their own opinion, and it is okay,” said Mr. Henry

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