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Hitting Over the Net: Sad Loss, Strong Team

Sydney N.
A Day Creek Coyote playing volleyball.

In Momentous Sports Center, several local volleyball teams battled it out to win the tournament. One of these teams featured our own Day Creek Coyotes. Thirteen Elite Red includes Kennedy B., Rayne C., Madelynn P., and Aubrie O. These girls faced opponents who stood much taller than they are. 

“There were multiple beach teams, and they were all around 5’5, maybe taller. Those girls were really tall. They were freakishly tall,” said Kennedy B.

At this tournament, Thirteen Elite Red played three games with multiple sets. The sets were long and hard, but the team played to the best of its ability. 

“We won multiple sets. We tied in sets, and then we had to go into a third set and then we lost the third set,” said Kennedy B.

In the end, the Thirteen Elite Red ended up winning one of the three games. As much as this was a hard loss, the team didn’t do badly, even if the results are displeasing. 

“[We didn’t do] the best we could, but we didn’t do bad,” said Rayne C.

Even though they lost, they still showed good sportsmanship. The team was proud of all their members for going up against the opposing teams with courage. 

“We still felt proud because most people don’t have the opportunity to play at all,” said Aubrie O.

The Thirteen Elite Red wished they’d had a little more time to practice, but the holiday week made that kind of tricky. 

“[We] were coming off of Thanksgiving break, and we only got to practice once because our Saturday practice was canceled due to the tournament. I think we could’ve done better if we had at least two practices or two weeks before to practice before the tournament,” said Kennedy B.

The team played to the best of their ability and looks forward to the next competition. 

“Our coach is going to prepare us for our next tournament, but I feel like we’ll do better next time [by learning] from our mistakes,” said Aubrie O.

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