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Kahoot vs. Gimkit

Two Day Creek students at different games, Gimkit and Kahoot.
Sydney N.
Two Day Creek students at different games, Gimkit and Kahoot.

Which game is better, Kahoot or Gimkit? Many have compared the two, but there is no definite consensus.

Kahoot was created by Morten Versvik, Johan Brand and Jamie Brooker. Its competitor, Gimkit, was created by Josh Feinsilber. They were both created for the same reason: to inspire students to learn through simple and competitive games. 

“I started Gimkit as a high school project. Games really helped me become engaged in school. That’s why I built Gimkit — to be the kind of game I’d want to play in class,” said Josh Feinsilber on the Gimkit website.

Most students study more successfully when it’s fun, which motivates them to learn the material.

“Our learning platform makes it easy for any individual or corporation to create, share, and host learning sessions that drive compelling engagement,” the Kahoot website states.

Kahoot is a quality choice for people who want a classic-style learning game – one that has been around since 2012. Teachers at Day Creek have been using Kahoot since its inception.

“With 10+ unique game modes and more in development, there’s always a new way to play,” the Gimkit website states. “Gimkit doesn’t just have to be used in class. You can also assign it as homework. Assignments are graded for you automatically.”

Gimkit has multiple game modes for students to choose from, and many students opt for Gimkit outside of class. This program can be an enjoyable way to study. It also makes it simple to track student success. Teachers can easily access information about where students struggle or show success, and Gimkit automatically grades answers. 

The Howl asked thirty 7th grade students which game they like better – Gimkit or Kahoot. Our poll showed a clear winner: 25 students preferred Gimkit while 5 students chose Kahoot.

Although Gimkit is favored by the 7th grade community, many acknowledge that Kahoot is the “original.”

While both platforms are great, they do have their downsides. Gimkit only provides a limited version without paying a fee. Kahoot is a faster paced game, though some students dislike the speed.

According to one blog, “Both Kahoot and Gimkit are very engaging for students, although Kahoot appeals to the more competitive students. Gimkit allows for questions to repeat on a random loop, allowing for more repetitions.”

Despite their drawbacks, both platforms have some strong features. Kahoot can be a great choice for students who want a competitive game to test their skills, while Gimkit is a good place to go for students who want to study and at their own pace at home, while providing something competitive in class. 

“I think [Gimkit and Kahoot] are both equal because they both have different modes,” 7th grader Esma C. said, “and they both improve a student’s ability to learn.”



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