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How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Sydney N.
Pumpkin Pie is an iconic dessert eaten during Thanksgiving.

Each year on the fourth Thursday of November, a festive holiday makes its way into families’ homes. Although Thanksgiving isn’t as big as Christmas or Halloween, it is celebrated by many students at Day Creek. Some people go with the famous turkey and cranberry sauce, while others travel to visit faraway loved ones. This holiday is honored in many weird ways by our Coyotes.

“[Our family] gets this cup of water, and we start putting random food in it, and [everyone] drinks it. [We] start by adding food [to the cup], then pass it down the whole table. And [when it gets to them, you] have to take a sip of the water,” said sixth grader, Ayden R. “My whole family does [the tradition].”

Wacky traditions are common when celebrating Thanksgiving. But sometimes, it’s the unique events that students enjoy. Playing party games and talking with close loved ones leads to great fun and excitement.

“We do Thanksgiving trivia. My mom prints out sheets of trivia questions to do, it’s like Jeopardy, but Thanksgiving themed,” said sixth grader, Jacob H. “The questions [are similar to] where did the pilgrims land, but some of them are kind of obscure.”

Around the world, families participate in different traditions to celebrate Thanksgiving. Games of trivia and eating crazy food brings special memories among your loved ones. As the holiday season creates an endless amount of happiness, seeing your family is a must, no matter where they are.

“Normally we have a big tradition [with all] our family around the world. We come together [and travel to different places]. Most of my family members live in Texas, California, Mexico, Honduras and the UK. Sometimes [my family] come to us; sometimes we go to them,” said eighth grader, Ellie-Sheba A.

Although Thanksgiving is celebrated in different ways, the one thing in common with every tradition is getting together with your family, and that’s what Thanksgiving is all about.

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