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The student news site of Day Creek Intermediate School

The Day Creek Howl

The student news site of Day Creek Intermediate School

The Day Creek Howl

The student news site of Day Creek Intermediate School

The Day Creek Howl

Threads: a Twitter ripoff?

Sydney N.
Threads is an app that has recently gained popularity as another social media app people can use to communicate with each other.

After years of Instagram’s reign at the top of the digital monarchy, the company is working hard to stay fresh for a generation of new users. They’ve created a brand new app called Threads, which was released in the IOS and Samsung app stores. Over the past two months, it has quickly grown in popularity at Day Creek and across the country. 

In just one hour online, Threads added one million downloads and currently has 120 million users. 

Threads, created by the team at Meta, gained most of its popularity in early July, as users had posted more than 95 million posts and 190 million likes. The app currently has a net worth of $2.2 billion.

Thread’s idea is simple and also what some find unoriginal: to share ideas and trends in a brief text.

“It kinda just feels like a cheap ripoff of other apps like Twitter,” said 7th grader Dylan G.

Because people say Threads is a rip-off of twitter, many people want to stick with other social media apps such as Twitter or Instagram.

Threads is similar and different from other social media because other apps like Instagram go beyond text. Yet, Threads is built on a foundation of text alone.

“Threads definitely will not surpass Instagram’s amount of users. Instagram is just older and has a bigger fanbase,” said 7th grader Dylan G.

According to CNN, the app’s daily use is down 82% from its launch, when the number of daily users peaked at roughly 44 million.

“Threads definitely isn’t better than Instagram. Threads is just basically Twitter. Instagram makes me feel more connected because I can see people showing their family through posts, instead of just seeing writing,” said Mrs. Harris.


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