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Barbie and Ken day: why does it matter to students?

Sage P.
Seventh grade Coyotes in their Barbie attire.

A doll with a pink dress, blond hair and a pink bow, with a supposed boyfriend named Ken. Ever heard of her? It’s likely you have, and she was intended to encourage girls all over the world to pursue anything they wanted. 

But how did she influence students on our campus on Friday? 

“[Barbie Day] is a day of expressing your individuality and yourself through your own,” said Nick A.

Nick is a part of leadership, and he helped in creating this spirit day. It was his intent that this spirit day would stick out. And it seemed to work as almost everyone wore some form of Barbie or Ken outfit On Friday. 

“[Our hope was to] have everybody express [that they can] be anything they want to be,” said Nick A.

Spirit Days are made to be fun and exciting for all involved. However, Friday’s spirit day came with a message of its own. 

Accrisious is a new 6th grade Coyote on campus, and this was his first spirit day at Day Creek. He hadn’t not done this type of thing as a 5th grader, but he figured out the purpose of the day in no time at all. 

“You can’t be perfect for everybody; the only thing you can be perfect for is yourself,” said Accrisious M.

He believes that the Barbie doll was made for this reason, a way to show people that you don’t need to be perfect for other people. 

“[In the movie] the Barbie doll resembles you and that’s why they made it customizable, so you can make it the best way [for you],” Accrisious said.  

Just before the 3-day weekend, Leadership looks to have found exactly what they’d hoped for as hundreds of kids used the day to demonstrate how students can be anything they choose. 

“[The movie] can help students express their individuality, and they can be anything they want to be,” said Nick A.

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