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The student news site of Day Creek Intermediate School

The Day Creek Howl

The student news site of Day Creek Intermediate School

The Day Creek Howl

The student news site of Day Creek Intermediate School

The Day Creek Howl

A new leader of the pack

Sage P.
Mr. Zajicek participating in the first Day Creek spirit day of the year!

Day Creek’s new principal, Nick Zaijeck, comes to campus intent to bring a blend of fun and learning to students and staff. 

“I taught in Ontario-Montclair. I was assistant principal [and] principal there. And last year I moved to Etiwanda [at] Grapeland,” Zaijeck said.

Zaijcek brings plenty of experience with him, including his time at Buena Vista elementary school for 6 years, Oaks Middle School for 2 years, and Grapeland elementary school for 1 year. 

“I still don’t know a lot of people and that’s like the hardest part, like being the new kid in the school, right? So I don’t really know anybody, so that’s the kind of the thing that you’re a little nervous about: just getting to know everybody,” said Zaijeck.

He is excited to grow in his rapport with both teachers and students. 

“My dad was a principal so I kind [of] knew that was a nice job growing up. But when I became a teacher, I really liked teaching. I kind [of] wanted to experience how to lead the whole school, so that’s what got me interested,” said Zaijeck.

He went to UC Santa Barbara for four years to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree in film studies. After that, he completed his Master’s degree for education and administrative credential at Chapman University so he could become a principal.

That schooling helped him envision what he would do once he had his own campus. 

“My goal for this school is to continue to help kids academically succeed, but [to] also have a lot of fun and just learn how to deal with and solve problems that happen in a productive and positive way.”

Zaijeck’s goal is to pursue balance for students and staff throughout the school year. Teachers have begun to notice his passion for student academic improvement. 

During school hours, he enjoys greeting and helping students throughout their day. 

“I would say Mr. Zaijeck is easy-going, but he has the kids’ best interest at heart,” said Mrs. Vander Laan.

Vander Laan, Day Creek’s assistant principal, has transitioned between Zaijeck and Mr. Apodaca, who had served the campus for several years.

“One thing I didn’t expect is how we do all things together. We did a lot of things together last year with Mr. Apodaca,but we do more together [now],” Vander Laan said.

Zaijeck has set a great example of good teamwork for the people he works with, and he has made a visible effort to develop strong relationships across the campus.  

“With a magic wand I’d say no drama! All kids should [simply] learn and have fun.” 

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Sage P., Photographer
Sage dreams to be a successful lawyer when she is an adult. When not occupied by schoolwork, she usually draws, reads, writes, or listens to music. Some of her extracurriculars include dancing and gymnastics. She enjoys watching marvel movies and her favorite TV series, "Friends." She is currently one of two photographers for the DCIS Howl and she is thrilled to record some amazing events at her school. She is dying to get started on her work for the 2022-2023 school year!