Summer rolls around



Two Day Creek Coyotes dressed and ready for summer fun.

Hayden H. and Ginny Z.

Are you ready for the summer? As the school year draws to a close, anticipation for the warm and sunny days of summer is noticeable. For many, this season represents a time of freedom, relaxation and exciting adventures. With the arrival of summer, individuals of all ages look forward to making cherished memories with family and friends. 

“My cousins are coming over for the whole summer. They live in Arizona, so it’s gonna be fun,” said 7th grader Issa F. 

Several students use their two school-free months to travel across town and country to see family. They also hope to enjoy time with friends playing games, exploring, and more.

“There’s this old abandoned boat in front of my house. I’m gonna go explore it with some of my friends.” Landon C. said.

Exploring new places isn’t the only thing students do over this break. Many students visit one of the best relaxation spots to go to during hot weather: the beach!

“I’m going to stay at a beach house for a week with my family,” said Hunter O. 

Along with having family and friend time, students also have upcoming sports competition.

“I’m going to Florida for a college showcase. I’m also going to San Diego for a tournament. And I’m going to Arizona for Junior Olympics,” said Zack O., a 7th grader.

Even with all the fun and thrill of the summer, students may even miss waking up early for school.

“It can sometimes be sad if you have a really good teacher, but I’m most definitely excited to do new things over the summer,” said Hunter O.

With the challenge of not being able to see your teachers or friends, there are still ways of meeting up over the summer.

“[I’ll miss school] because I’m gonna miss all my friends, but I hope to see them on my birthday,” said Issa F.

Will all the endless possibilities during the summer, how will you spend it?