Growing up and moving on


Sage P.

Over the years, multiple awards can be given by achieving certain benchmarks, some of these including pins for certain milestones.

Pablo GS. and Josep M.

As the school year comes to a close, the 8th grade promotion seems closer than ever. 8th grade students have mixed emotions. They have built lasting friendships throughout the course of middle school. 

Some students are going to miss their teachers who have affected their lives, both educationally and personally.

“[I am] definitely [going to miss] my teachers, They had a really big impact on me, and I can’t imagine never seeing them again after all they’ve done for me,” said Grace J.

Other students will miss the relationships they’ve made along the way.

“[I’m going to miss] my friends. We’re all going to different high schools, so [I’m] trying to make the best of [eighth grade],” said Jovian C.

Although many people feel disappointed about leaving friends and relationships behind, moving onwards towards high school brings anticipation.“[I am excited to] make new memories, meet new people, and try new classes,” said Grace J.

Many teachers who have created great memories with their students are reluctant to let them go.

“I’m going to miss how funny everyone is. When I get here and I see people, they make me enjoy my job,” said Ms. Woods.

Although teachers are sad to see their current students go, they are also thrilled for their new classes next year, as well as the personalities they will meet. 

“I’m always excited for a new challenge. I like not knowing what you’re going to get and all these students that come in, and [I] get to know their personalities. I enjoy trying to make students become better people if they can. Always having that challenge and not knowing what you’re gonna get is exciting,” said Mrs. Arellano.

Although teachers will miss the memories made with their students, they’re using these final days to encourage them to succeed in the world. 

“Be yourself, get involved and be active, join clubs. Follow your passions, make good friends, and show growth. Don’t be afraid to try things, and don’t be afraid to fail. You’re not gonna know what you like or what you’re good at if you don’t try!” said Mrs. Kaneshina.