Students of Day Creek; Anika C.


Sage P.

This is Anika C., an 8th grade coyote here at Day Creek Intermediate.

Keira K., Writer

Question: Would you rather be too busy or too bored?


“[I would rather] be really busy because when I’m bored I feel depressed and it doesn’t feel right. And I like having a lot of things to do [and] having a really busy schedule. [My current schedule] is really busy, I play two sports, I have two instrument classes, and then I have a coding class too. [I play] soccer and ice hockey, I like both equally. [Well,] I just started ice hockey, so I’m still learning. [However] I have played club soccer for a really long time and I actually play. I do ice hockey classes. I’ve been playing soccer since I was like four [years old] and ice hockey I started because I wanted to. My mom made me start the two instruments and she also makes me take the coding class.”