Roses are Red


Emily L.

The Coyote mascot and administrators with Mrs. Rose and her 31 roses.

Addison J. and Makayla S.

Kind. Caring. Understanding. These three words are just a few that students use to describe PE coach, Ms. Rose. 

Rose has been working as a PE teacher at DCIS for 31 years. And next month, she will welcome her last group of students to their painted numbers on the hardcourt.

Rose has been teaching kids since she was one herself. “Even when I was a little kid, I taught the neighborhood kids how to read. I taught magic tricks. I taught them how to play baseball,” said Rose.

She has been working for 34 years. “I taught 31 [years] in this school district and 3 years at a private school,” she said.

Retirement means finally being able to take a break and enjoy life. Without the rigors of a daily teaching schedule. Ms Rose can have more time to herself and finally sit down to smell the roses.

“[One of the best parts of retirement is] I don’t have to commute anymore. My commute has been about an hour every day, one way. I’m not going to miss that and filling my gas tank up three times a week,” she said.

Although some people see retirement as a vacation from work, retirement can come with disadvantages. For some people, this includes loneliness or a lack of money. But for Ms. Rose, her concern is breaking her current routine.

“I am a person of routine. I like to set myself up for routine, and knowing I have some place to go every day of the week is very helpful. So I think that’s the biggest challenge. So I’m going to set new routines,” Rose said.

Students at Day Creek love her funny, joyous personality that works to brighten up anyone’s day.

“I love how she connects with everyone and the kids. She makes us happy – even if our day is down,” says Bella G. “I’m sad that she’s leaving because she’s done so much for the school, but I’m happy for her because she works so hard.”

As a tribute to her time at Day Creek, a fellow PE teacher, Mr. Nemecek, organized a special spirit day, with the help of leadership, in her honor. 

“It all started when my wife had this great idea. The whole school is going to wear red for Ms. Rose. We actually got more going on too. We are going to keep her inside with you guys, the seventh grade P.E, and then the eighth graders are going to line up [outside], so when she walks out, all the eighth graders will be out handing her roses,” said Nemecek.

The one thing that Mr. Nemeck wants to carry on is her legacy of making PE enjoyable for the students on campus.

“I want to carry on the legacy of her working hard and making P.E. fun for kids,” says Mr.Nemecek.

Day Creek staff and students love Ms.Rose. So if you’re reading this Ms.Rose, we wish you the best of luck and we will absolutely miss you!