Beyond the Books


Hayden H.

Seventh grader Ruiee S. is very good at managing her time.

Lavinia U., Writer


I don’t have enough time.

It’s too much work.

My schedule is packed.

With piles of homework, deadlines approaching, and the pressure to excel in extracurricular activities, it can be nearly impossible to balance time. While some students struggle to keep up, others seem to excel in nearly every area of their lives. 

Meet Ruiee S., a seventh-grader who appears to have cracked the code to time management. Even though she participates in multiple extracurricular activities, including piano and flute, she still manages to maintain straight A’s. Ruiee’s story offers a spark of hope and valuable lessons on how to juggle it all. 

“My hobby started when I was little and it evolved to extracurricular activities. My first one was about 4 years ago, when I found my first instrument. Later it evolved into my passion for music,” said Ruiee S.

As Ruiee developed her passion for music and instruments, she simultaneously learned time management skills.

“I set aside time for each one, and I have to know my priorities. I go home, do my homework, and if I have time, I’ll practice my flute. And if I don’t have as much time, I’ll practice some languages. My extracurricular activities reflect who I am as a person and it allows me to build my character while also allowing me to build my skills,” said Ruiee S.

In addition to skills for time management, extracurriculars and schoolwork combined can have a positive effect on a student and their learning path.

“It has helped my understanding and the way I process information. I found that when I study something, just like I do with extracurricular activities, I take in a set of information, and I summarize it into my own ideas. They are both key to each other,” said Ruiee S.

Despite the love and passion for extracurriculars, she still prioritizes her academic responsibilities above all else. 

“Schoolwork still comes first because it’s part of my academic base. I take care of my academics during the day and if I have time, as recently as I can do it, I will take care of my extracurricular activities,” said Ruiee S.

Her story offers a spark of inspiration and hope. “My future goals are that I want to make an impact on the world and I want to help others see the importance in learning, as learning is something that brings light into the darkness and also brings knowledge. [This] allows people to see the future that they deserve,” said Ruiee S.

As time passed, she started to learn more about balancing different extracurriculars and schoolwork, from her teachers, peers, and parents. To achieve her goals, Ruiee’s parents taught her the importance of organization, helping her manage her time and balance her academic and extracurricular pursuits.

“One of the most important tips [from my parents] was organization. They know I want to learn a lot, so they tell me to organize my time in a way that I can manage. As such, the ones that are most important I take priority, but I also leave some time for enjoyment. They helped me manage my time that goes into each and every one. Be mindful of the time you spend and be sure to keep that and balance with the skills you’re learning,” said Ruiee S.

Ruiee believes that learning and education is a crucial part of success and hopes to share this with others.

“First, you have to make sure you have good academics. [Extracurriculars] are similar to an extra skill course, but for the academics, try to understand your academics first, then finish them and then you can move onto some extracurricular activities, but remember not to take too much time on one subject,” said Ruiee S.

However, she also believes that learning is not just limited to the classroom, but instead, it can be a wonderful journey and she emphasizes the importance of seeing learning as a continuous and fulfilling process.

“Learning is a type of lifelong journey. It allows you to see much more than you possibly ever could, so that’s why learning is a type of enjoyment. It’s a type of joy that can be found even in the grimness of places,” said Ruiee S.