That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbls!

 Crumbl Cookies has many different cookie flavors that alter every week.

Jasmine L. and Elhie-Sheba A.

Crumbl Cookies has many different cookie flavors that alter every week.

Jasmine L., Christina C., and Ellhie-Sheba A.

Team Green! (Photo Credits: Jasmine L., Christina C., and Ellhie-Sheba A.)

Who doesn’t love pastries? We know we do. Cookies are probably one of the first things that come to mind when you think of sweet treats. There are countless bakeries across the country that offer cookies, but what about a place that specializes in them?

In 2017, the first Crumbl Cookies opened in Logan, Utah by co-founder cousins, Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley. Today, Crumbl Cookies locations are popping up nationwide, including our home city, Rancho Cucamonga. 

Like many grab-and-go establishments, Crumbl Cookies has a small waiting area. The lobby does not have any seating, so customers stand off to the side while waiting for their pastries.

The building has a very modern and organized atmosphere with several white counters, brick patterns, and black signs

labeling each area. The ordering process is very simple and modern: customers order on tablets, where they choose from the weekly six or seven cookies. 

Sugar! (Photo Credits: Jasmine L., Christina C., and Ellhie-Sheba A.)

Crumbl likes to call itself a tech-based company. All of the information that we have is on our phones or iPads that we have in the store,” said Courtney, the assistant manager. 

This unique ordering method along with the quick service allows customers to enjoy a delicious treat, even on an eventful day. 

There was no line, so we quickly received five cookies: Milk Chocolate Chip, Sugar, Kentucky Butter Cake, Chocolate Cake, and Team Green.  

The Milk Chocolate Chip was very chocolatey and tasted just like home. It was light and buttery, along with a bit of crunch. 

The Sugar was Circus Animal themed, with a Circus Animal cookie in the center and rainbow sprinkles throughout. It was soft and sweet with fluffy frosting. The base cookie tasted like a vanilla birthday cake.

Unlike the other cookies, Kentucky Butter Cake is lightly sweetened with a thin coating of powdered sugar. As the name suggests, it is buttery and has a hint of almond.

If you love chocolate, Chocolate Cake is the perfect cookie for you. The cookie part was soft, chewy, and chocolatey, while the frosting was rich and smooth. Chocolate flakes top it off, enhancing the cookie’s appearance.

Themed after the Philadelphia Eagles, Team Green is a very unique cookie. Its dark coloring goes well togethe

Chocolate Cake! (Photo Credits: Jasmine L., Christina C., and Ellhie-Sheba A.)

r and reminds us of sorcery. The cookie had a strong chocolate flavor while the frosting was very sweet.

According to Yelp, a majority of the negative reviews only concerned high pricing. A singular cookie costs $5, a 4-pack costs $19.50, a 6-pack costs $30, and a Party Box of 12 cookies costs $51. Though pricier than other typical bakeries, the size, time and effort spent on each cookie make the price reasonable.

With 3.1 billion reviews and 6.5 million followers on TikTok, Crumbl Cookies has gained nationwide popularity across social media.

Though quite expensive, we would recommend Crumbl Cookies to anybody who enjoys trying new foods, and we will definitely return!