Students of Day Creek: Daniel I.

Daniel I.

Hayden H.

Daniel I.

Keira K., Writer

Question: Would you rather live under water or in space?

To be honest [living] in space would be kind of hard because I can’t really get anything I need to from the mainland that easily. So, I would say underwater because it’s safer. Living in water would give me easier access to things on land. [Also,] space would have zero gravity and that wouldn’t be very practical. [My house would] be like my house outside of water just instead of inside of the water. It would be all glass [too]. [It would be] sealed off but I would have a tunnel connected to land outside of water, so if I order an UberEats it’s not hard and they could just drop it down the tunnel. [My favorite sea creature is] an orca, actually it’s a dolphin. I didn’t grow up near the seashore, so when I first saw a dolphin I was like, ‘That’s my favorite animal’ and has been ever since.”