Students of Day Creek: Victoria J-K

Victoria J-K

Hayden H.

Victoria J-K

Keira K., Writer

Question: Do you eat or drink soup?

“I eat soup. Because I’m Mexican and I eat and drink soup, but I mostly eat soup. [My favorite soup is] fideo because I love fideo. [Also,] because my family makes soup with [those] little ABCs and you have to eat them. When soups have little chunks like vegetables and meats you have to eat it, [so] it doesn’t make sense to drink it instead of eat it. [Think about it] if you were to eat soup you wouldn’t get all the delicious little chunks and [alphabet] noodles. Eating it just makes sense. [But] the most superior way to eat soup [is to] eat and drink it [because] you get the best of both worlds this way.”