Splash Mountain Closing


Sandy Hooper, USA Today

Splash Mountain has been canceled in media for having a racist background.

Troy S., Writer

Splash Mountain, built by Hopkins Rides on July 17, 1989, has just been shut down after multiple people sued the attraction at Disney Parks. On the petition to “Re-theme” Splash Mountain, over 21,000 people voted to change the ride. In this case, Splash Mountain has been removed from Disney World Parks permanently. It will soon be removed from Disneyland too. This left riders waiting up to 3 hours in line to enjoy the  attraction on its last day. According to some comments on the petition, the attraction has been labeled as “racist” and “problematic.” As of the removal of the attraction, Disney has claimed that the ride will be replaced with a new water ride, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, in late 2024, which applies to both parks. As much as this ride may be missed, Disney fans will expect a new ride, which is the first ride based on the film “The Princess and the Frog.”