Students of Day Creek: Brock F.

Brock Forester, 7th

Sage P.

Brock Forester, 7th

Keira K., Writer

Question: Would you rather be able to speak fluently in one language or be able to speak to one animal?

“I [would rather] speak another language. Because [for me] being able to speak to one animal doesn’t seem that nice and wouldn’t be as helpful as [being able to fluently speak another language] besides English. [I would want to] speak Tagalog because my mom speaks it [and so does] my relatives. [If I could speak to one type of animal I would pick] my dog because dogs are pretty common so I could speak to them a lot. There’s also a lot of types of dogs and it [could be] helpful. My dog [is a] german shepherd and it’s a girl. Her name is Cleo.”