Students of Day Creek: Makayla P.

Makayla P.

Hayden H.

Makayla P.

Keira K, Writer

Question: Would you rather have a trick or treat?

“[I would rather have] a treat, because I like treats. I really like chocolates, all kinds. I really like Twix, because it’s good and wonderful and I just really love Twix. My favorite thing about Twix is chocolate. I celebrate Halloween, I still Trick or Treat and stuff like that. I don’t have a costume right now, but I’ll probably just be me, which is great. My favorite part about Halloween is probably hanging out with my friends and Trick or Treating with them. I think I might go to the Halloween bash but I’m not sure yet. I wouldn’t choose a treat because it could be a bad treat or scary. Treats are the safer option, and they include sweet things like chocolate.”