California’s Predicted Mega Flood


Wikipedia Commons

The Great Flood of 1862 caused massive destruction to many towns.

Troy S., Writer

California’s largest flood was the great flood of 1862. 2022-2023 could mark the return of a second mega storm, which is a horrendous weather event that may destroy everything in its path. Scientists from UCLA have been researching these events and have concluded that they happen about every 100-200 years. It has been 160 years since the last megaflood. The destruction of this type of storm could be double the flood that happened over 100 years ago. The big question is, will history repeat itself? What are the possibilities of a megaflood in California, especially with the ongoing drought? No one knows for sure. The great flood of 1862 happened after a long drought that preceded the storm. Therefore, California could be on the path of repeating the great flood of 1862. Got your lifeboats ready?