Students of Day Creek: Natalie R

Natalie R

Hayden H

Natalie R

Keira K, Writer

Question: If you could live in the past, present, or future, what would you choose?

“I would choose the past, … I feel like the past was cooler. [I especially like] the 70s’ and the 80’s, I also really like the 50s’. [If I could live in the past] I would probably choose the 80s. I really like the [way they went to] arcades, how they would dress, and all that stuff. I [also] feel like the way that everybody was back then is so different from how they are now. Now they [have had a] change in character, people aren’t as nice, and they don’t think the same. [For the clothes] I really like all the colorful colors. [I also loved] the hair too, like the big hairstyles. Oh- and for the way they dressed, I also like the jackets too. I [just] really like the overall aesthetic of the 80s.”