Middle School Relationships pt.1


Egypt Today

Many middle schoolers tend to have a relationship, but is it really worth it?

Jadyn K., Editor

You can’t get away from middle school relationships. Scattered across the campus, there is young love: hands held in the hallways, awkward hugs before math class, and friends pushing couples next to one another in an attempt to make known what everybody already knows. More and more students are dating at this young age without wondering if it’s even worth it.

“I feel that positive relationships can affect students in a positive way because positive relationships encourage each person to be their best self and to do their best and to stay motivated.” said DCIS school counselor Ms. Gaines.

There are students who have wonderful relationships with each other but, most of these relationships don’t last that long and can leave students feeling sad and depressed.

“My grades started dropping because instead of doing my work I just blasted music in my ears and cried.” said Avery N.

A lot of students have a hard time balancing their schoolwork and relationships. Many people would say that middle schoolers don’t have the level of maturity or responsibility needed for a relationship. While a lot of middle schoolers still are in relationships, this might just be because of peer pressure. The pressure of the person you are dating and everyone else telling you how to act could damage your perspective of a good relationship.

“I didn’t feel like there was any pressure, but I’m sure there is because if other people are doing it, you probably want to do it yourself.” said Avery N.

The peer pressure aspect of middle schoolers dating can lead to destructive relationships. Students could fall into a relationship that they didn’t want and that could lead to an unhealthy relationship. Once this happens, students would think that this is normal.

“I have had serious issues in helping students with the trust piece, middle school is tough for relationships because everyone is trying to be independent and at the same time we are still working under our parent’s expectations,” said Ms. Gaines.

Many parents would agree with this and don’t let their kids date until they are older. However, many students date without their parent’s permission. Then parents find out the trust that they have built over the years simply gets broken.

Students who are involved in the relationship seem to have more drama surrounding them. The relationships tend to be awkward while you are in the relationship and after it has ended.

“Sometimes it could be [awkward] because people will say so many things about you and things get around pretty fast.”

Many students don’t have the maturity or responsibility needed to be in a relationship. With rumors spreading and the pressure to move too fast, you may want to think twice before being in a relationship.