Making Our Campus A Better Place


R. Gino Santa Maria -

Janitor supplies that clean schools, and deserve more appreciation

Ariana A. and Elaria B.

Many teachers across campus are valued and appreciated. But it’s easy to overlook some Day Creek staff whose contributions may go unnoticed. Enough of that. It’s time to acknowledge one of our favorites, Miguel Cardenas, the school custodian. He always works hard to assure that students feel safe and welcome on campus. His optimistic impact on students, teachers, and staff is well known, as is his singing voice.

“My work and family makes me happy. The work became part of my life as well as my family. I like to be here [at school],” said Miguel C. 

Some people are too timid to express their emotions, but Miguel brings out the best in the students at Day Creek. 

“He has such a nice personality, and I like when he sings because it brightens up my day,” said seventh grader, Jada T.

Even though Miguel’s past has been more difficult than some, he continues to persevere and show people that happiness can be found anywhere. 

“I am from Mexico. I was born over there. Around seven years old, I came over here [America],” said Miguel. “I discovered the world, day by day.”

Teachers and administration are known for sharing empathy and kindness, but the custodian takes things one step further. Miguel enjoys seeing students smile because it brings joy to his heart. 

“Everybody has struggles with something. And I [interact with] students to unload a little bit of their stress,” said Miguel. 

Miguel sees his work as not simply an opportunity to earn an income, but also a chance to interact with young lives. He creates a pleasurable, encouraging environment across Day Creek.

“One of the things that I like here is the opportunity to interact with students. To me, [students are] part of my family. I like to share my joy with them,” said Miguel. 

Everyone across campus, especially the Day Creek Howl, want to thank Miguel for making school a joyful place.