“Bam-Bam” Song Review

Throughout the years, singer Camilla Cabello has made many hit songs, but “Bam-Bam” might be her best.

Camilla S.

Throughout the years, singer Camilla Cabello has made many hit songs, but “Bam-Bam” might be her best.

Andrew H. and Ayanna C.

Camila Cabello is an artist of several beautiful songs, which have captivated her audience across the country. She recently released “Bam-Bam” a song from her recent album, Familia. Debuting on April 8, 2022, the song was written by Camila Cabello, Ed Sheeran and Ricky Reed. The song appears destined to become one of her hottest hits.

Lyrics from “Bam-Bam” are connected to her breakup with Shawn Mendes. Cabello’s mom used the term constantly during her growing up years to describe the “cycles of falling in love, [and] falling out of love; [as] life has its [ups] and downs. You got to roll with the punches; you gotta keep dancing,” said Cabello.

“Bam-Bam” is an upbeat pop song, which starts off with Camila Cabello singing the first verse with a joyful tone. The second verse features Ed Sheeran, and the final verse includes both voices, singing melody and harmony together.

The song starts off peppy and doesn’t stop until the end. The music video also includes unexpected hidden easter eggs depicting Cabello’s life in the song. Each of these puzzle pieces create the whole story of the video, which is Cabello’s reaction to the break-up. The viewers likely appreciate this choice of style because they can empathize with Cabello’s emotions as though they were experiencing her circumstances alongside of her. As the video continues, viewers were able to completely understand Cabello’s reaction, instead of having to look for it. 

At the onset of the song, the lyrics are emotional and a bit depressing. Yet as the music video progresses, Cabello gradually becomes more optimistic. It’s amazing how her emotions develop throughout the video. 

“Bam Bam” is a complete storytelling success. It targets a recently heartbroken audience and flawlessly cheers them up. This song reflects the process of enduring a breakup while tackling the issues faced after the event. Despite those who believe that her reaction to the breakup is a sign of weakness, Cabello proves that her emotions are instead a response of strength. 

Overall, “Bam Bam” is an upbeat, happy track. With its peppy tune and relatable lyrics, this song definitely deserves a 5/5.