Melissa Luico, is it True?


Connecticut Judicial Branch

Melissa Luico convicted of killing her own daughter in 2007, and will be executed April 27th. But did she really do it?

Abigail B., Writer

Death Row is a punishment that has quite frankly been around since the beginning of time. Death Row is a group of people convicted of such awful crimes they are sentenced to death and this happens more often then most people know. Currently about 2,450 people are on death row. Since it is such a severe punishment, trials for these crimes usually take long amounts of time. Let’s take Melissa Luico for an example. She was accused of killing her two-year-old daughter in 2007. After hours of seeming vulnerable and convincing the police she was innocent she said one line that would change her life forever. “I guess I did it,” police report Luico says. Police say her daughter’s previous injuries would have only been caused by abuse. She was sentenced to death. The story has been resurfacing with people wondering what happened to Melissa? Her execution was scheduled in January but more of the public started researching her case. There is many people now wanting to free Luico saying she isn’t guilty. Her son’s even spoke out about the case. “My mother is an innocent woman- She was never the abusing woman,” John Luico said. Her execution is now scheduled for April 27th,2022. Will she be killed, or will the real story resurface?