Grammy’s? #Scammy’s!


The biggest boy band has lost again at the Grammy’s and many fans are disappointed about the outcome.

Elaria B. and Ariana A.

Many fans are disappointed but not surprised. Another loss in the Grammys for the biggest boy band in the world, BTS. They performed their all-time selling hit “Butter” yet they still lost to Doja Cat. The fan-base Army is trending all over social media saying that they were “cheated” two years in a row. They have begun using the hashtag, #Scammys because of how disappointed they are. One fan said, SERIOUSLY?!?! 2 YEARS?! The biggest pop songs?! Love these girls, but C’MON!!! This was for our boys. I’m GUTTED!!!” Fans are hoping that they win next year and not get “scammed” every time.