Students of Day Creek: Omar T.

Omar T.

Sage P.

Omar T.

Keira K, Writer

Question: Would you rather be chronically under-dressed or overdressed?

“[I would rather be] chronically underdressed, because it would be funny and it would be cool to be undressed. [My idea of undressed is] lacking clothing and being naked. So, if you’re chronically undressed it means you have fewer clothes.[If I had to go to school] I would hide where no one could see me or out in the open. I actually [would rather be] out in the open where everyone can see me. If I went to school [chronically] underdressed I would dance in front of everyone on the [hardcourts] and it would be so funny. [I think] I might get in trouble with a teacher, but it would be okay. I like to make people laugh even if it means I get in trouble, I don’t mind.”