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Student of the Month: Big Family Feels

September 9, 2020


Mark G.

Olivia G. describes how it feels to get SOTM with also having seven siblings.

Cars roll up to Day Creek Intermediate School’s driveway in front of the school gates. Children fill passenger seats, faces smushed against the glass, eagerly awaiting to receive the awards, boxes of Chik-fil-A, and warm greetings from their principals and teachers for their hard work this month.

This isn’t something that would normally occur. Usually it’s the standard pizza party that’s coordinated to celebrate the achievements for a child in a typical household of fewer than three.  

Now imagine rolling up as a member of a family of nine. That is the reality for Olivia G., a seventh grader at Day Creek Intermediate School. She is one of seven kids in this family to achieve Student of the Month. Having several siblings may be fun, but in a family of nine, it also means high expectations.

“It pushes me to my best because other (siblings in my family) have gotten that so I want to get it (SOTM) too!” said Olivia. 

As one of seven siblings, it’s a norm to share food, space and parent’s attention. 

“It’s really chaotic,” Olivia said. Having a large family can be hectic at times, but it also makes her try harder. 

“It feels great and also it pushes me to do my best,” said Olivia.

Olivia was thrilled to be chosen for Student of the Month. “I was really excited and happy because since quarantine, it’s really hard now to communicate with your teachers, so I was excited.”

Since this was something she had worked toward, it made all the difference when contributing to her joy of getting S.O.T.M.

“I worked towards it by being the best I could and by working to be great in my classes. Even during quarantine, I felt even prouder when I got it,” Olivia said. 

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