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Student of the Month: A Teacher’s Perspective

September 9, 2020


Mark G.

The August SOTM drive-thru was a way for teachers to see and honor their students while being safe.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to meet your students through a car window? Since COVID-19 has shut down schools for the time being, Day Creek Intermediate School has found a way to be a part of students’ lives and celebrate a job well done while still being safe. DCIS held a drive-thru for students who were rewarded Student of the Month for August. 

Parents and their children drove up to the school and were greeted by smiling staff members. Though the students might have thought they were simply coming to get a box of Chick-fil-A, the staff saw it as much more than that. Many of the teachers hadn’t seen any kids on campus since March, so it was a special experience to see students smiling as they were awarded SOTM. 

“(After) campus was closed last year on Friday, March 13th, it has been quite the peculiar experience to celebrate student achievements without any students on campus. This was a special treat not only for the students, but also for all of the teachers that miss seeing kids on our beautiful Day Creek campus,” said eighth-grade teacher Mrs. Schemenauer.

Students are learning virtually from home at the moment, but most of the staff are teaching from their classrooms. Hallways are silent, classrooms are empty, and the cafeterias is deserted. School just isn’t the same. 

 The teachers and administration took some time away from their desks to meet their students and offer congratulations. Some teachers even made signs or gave flowers and candy to their hard working pupils.

While interactions were plenty, there was obvious intent to follow school and state safety standards. Students and staff wore masks and kept a safe distance from each other. 

“We are following the rules for the mandated ‘virtual’ learning. One of Day Creek’s slogans is ‘safety first’ so we are trying to stay safe and follow the rules. Two students did get out of the car and stayed a distance away from us so we could take their picture in front of the Day Creek building,” said Mrs. Schemenauer. 

DCIS staff members are trying their best to balance safety and while spreading happiness to our Day Creek community. The August Student of the Month drive-thru was just the beginning of what hopes to be many more heartwarming events to come this school year. 

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