Day Creek’s Sun Shades

December 11, 2018


Madilyn S.

Here are the students' opinions on the sun shades.

The newest additions to Day Creek’s hard courts are two giant shade structures. Our vice principals have organized these to be built so us Coyotes can be protected from the sun (even though it’s raining cats and dogs right now). Stay cool Coyotes!

New Addition To Day Creek Part One


Image credited to Madilyn S.

Major construction is going on at Day Creek for new sun shades.

Over the 2018 Thanksgiving Break, the construction of a new sunshade began on Day Creek Intermediate’s hard court. Students were surprised to come back to find the posts up for the new shade structure.

Students attentively listened to the morning announcements to figure out how they were supposed to get to class with this new massive structure in the way, yet the construction immediately caused mass confusion. To avoid the chaos, students were informed that they would have to take an alternate route to get to their regular classes.

So, why the new structures? “We always put up easy ups (and) it’s kind of a pain… we needed more shade out here, and it gets pretty warm,” said Mr. Apodaca.

Although most students were frustrated about the structure, many benefits are likely to come.

Students voiced concern about the newly built structures, that they may blow away in the torrential Etiwanda winds. “If these blew away in the wind, we would have a lot more problems (because) the cement poles are about four feet deep.” So no worries Coyotes, these structures will not be moving anytime soon. Our administrators have made sure the blueprints for the new sunshade and the structure itself was built securely.

New Addition To Day Creek Part Two


Madilyn S.

Here are the students' opinions on the sun shades.

After the sunshade was completed and during the process of construction, some questions and

concerns rose from our Coyotes, such as how will it affect the daily traffic on the hardcourts, what happens if it blows away, and how long did our school have the idea to do this, and one of the most asked questions, why?

“It’s all (for) student benefits,” Mrs. Raymond said, ”It’s all about you guys being comfortable, being able to be outside on our hot days, and enjoy our beautiful view.”

This way, it is always safe for us to be outside, in rain or shine. (Well, not really rain, since we are on inclement weather on those days, but whatever.) These wonderful Day Creek Admin. want us to have fun and be safe. Little did the Howl and all (or most) of the school know, this project has been in the works for many, many years.

“We have actually had this project in the works for a long time.. almost before I was even here.” said Mrs. Raymond.

Mrs. Raymond has been working here for just about two years, so this project has been in planning for quite some time. Little interesting fact, the money we spend on the snack shack, and what we use to buy donuts helped make this project possible. Thanks for helping contribute to the project Coyotes!

“We put in a new shade structure to offer some comfort while you are outside but also to make sure it is safe on windy days,” said Mrs. Raymond

So remember Coyotes, Day Creek administrators have your back and are working very hard to keep us all safe every day.  

Shade Structure (Student Interviews)


Madilyn S.

Here are the students' opinions on the sun shades.

In response to the new shade structure construction, the Howl got some interesting feedback. Many students believed that the shade structures would benefit the school. However, other students didn’t think it was the best decision.

“One of the pros is that we will not get sunburnt,” said eighth grader, Ella D. “A con is when (the weather) is very cold, (students) may want some sun.”

Not only did the shades affect temperature, but other aspects as well. “When they were building (the structure) all the eighth and seventh graders had to cram into the little pathway,” eighth grader Hailey E. said. “When it’s sunny outside, we will have more shade.”

Most students had the same thought. “It took too long to make,” said seventh grader Junior T. ”They should’ve done it over the summer break.”

Others were conflicted. “[It’s good because] there are more seats and shade when it’s hot,” said Chloe H. “But I was annoyed when they were building it. It took too long to walk around the construction to class.”

Among the array of different students, there were many different opinions. But most can agree that the installation is a great addition to our campus.

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