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Are all those hours of video games really worth the price?

Video Game Effects

September 5, 2018

Video games have affected our world, not just physically, but mentally. Those who are hooked constantly rush the more important things in their lives just to play a game. Some games have even changed players’ emotions. Violent games like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty have shown to make people more aggressive.

Scientists say that gamers around the world spend nearly 3 billion hours a week playing games. The new, popularized game, Fortnite, definitely has made an impact on people. When screen time like this gets out of hand, the medical profession calls it VGA (Video Game Addiction).

Not only does this affect gamer’s mentality, but it causes them to be inactive. This type of laziness typically means insufficient exercise. Exercise to a teen may not seem as important as playing on a screen, but it will deeply impact future health and fitness. Many young people don’t eat properly, frequently consuming unhealthy items like chips and soda. Coke may be tasty, but it’s definitely not good for your body.

Video games can consume so much of a gamer’s lives that it disrupts sleep. And for teens that loss of sleep affects growth. With a lack of energy, how does a Fortnite addict not fall asleep every 5 minutes in math class? Straight A’s? Not likely. Renaissance? Probably not. Grades are essential for student success, meaning a Fortnite habit could be costly for a future lifestyle. Every child hopes to have a good future, but entertaining themselves with a screen probably won’t get them there.



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