Day Creek Intermediate provides many yearlong electives that you can join! (Emily L.)
Day Creek Intermediate provides many yearlong electives that you can join!

Emily L.

Yearlong Electives

March 18, 2023

Day Creek Intermediate offers a selection of yearlong electives to choose from including Journalism, Yearbook, CNN, and Leadership. Students who choose to participate in one of these electives must submit an application form.



Hayden H.

The behind the scenes of Journalism writing an article.

The Howl, our school’s website, has different sections to choose from: big news, entertainment, opinion, school news, SODC (students of Day Creek), sports, and student life. Other options include Howl video production and web design.

“I write opinion or student news articles for the school website. I chose [journalism] because I love writing and I wanted to learn more about it. This is probably my favorite elective because I enjoy the process. Our elective teacher, [Mr. Gossage] gives really good advice and constructive criticism,” said River Y., a seventh grader in Journalism.



Mrs. Gossage

Yearbook working on a spread for the yearbook.

The Tracks yearbook speaks for itself. Students collaborate to create a yearbook with stories, pictures and captions covering all of the year’s events on campus. Showing off their creation to everybody at the end of the year is a highlight for all Coyotes, as students and staff have the opportunity to remember the fun events they have had all year.

“We help make the yearbook and allow everyone to be included at the end of the year. I think it’s really fun; you get to show your creativity. [Mrs. Gossage] is a great teacher and excels at teaching her kids what she does. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to walk up to people and ask questions,” said Gavin P., an 8th grader in Yearbook.




A behind the scences of a CNN monthly video announcement segment.

As another 8th grade yearlong elective, members of CNN make videos that the whole school sees. Whether you edit videos or star in them, every job is important. Making videos every month to be shown across the campus. The elective showcases upcoming events and gives the students a humorous skit to start their day off.

“In CNN, we make videos once every month to talk about upcoming events for the school. The perfect kid for this elective would be someone who’s really creative and not afraid to be on camera. Mr. Contreras, the [elective] teacher, always reviewed our ideas and helped make them better,” said Everett C., an 8th grader in CNN.



Mr. Apodaca

A picture of Leadership after their annual Valentine Grams’ sale.

Students who take part in Leadership design posters to display around the campus for upcoming spirit days and events. Leadership also plans creative ideas that the school can participate in to raise school spirit.

“In our elective, we come up with spirit ideas or activities. We hype people up in the hallways [while] holding posters. I think it’s a great elective and I advise [incoming] 8th graders to apply for it. Mrs. Kaneshina is very nice to us and I think she’s a great leadership teacher,” said Adrian M., an 8th grader in Leadership.




Emily L.

A band student directing a song for the Winter Concert!

In band, students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade play different instruments such as percussion, woodwinds, or brass. They practice different pieces to perform at concerts.

“In band, we vote on songs to play at the concerts and we spend a couple weeks on each song. We play all different types of music like jazz. I think it’s great; I love band because you’re helping music come to life. [Ms. Miller] is really funny and kind, so if you mess up she makes a joke out of it and it’s really fun,” said Camryn K., a 6th grader in band.

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