Another Amazon Christmas?



With the recent shipping delays to stores are we going to be able to shop normally for the holidays?

Abigail B., Writer

 Have you noticed it being harder to find specific items in stores lately? Well we are finally finding out why. Shipping in an “LA traffic jam” is delaying shipments by a month! People are blaming the Biden Administration for this event. “The supply chain is broken, inflation is insane, gas prices are the highest in 7 years, we were humiliated by the Taliban, the border is a disaster, but no mean tweets,” independent journalist Carmine Sabia said. This has people worried that shipments won’t come in time for the holidays. Another thing that is worrying people is if this will change the rate in the economy. Will this delay make the economy go down? With officials still not knowing when this will come to an end, worries rise. Will the shelves be filled for the holidays? Or will this year be another Christmas sponsored by amazon?