Birthdays in Quarantine


Crystal R.

Even though it wasn’t an ideal birthday, Gabby had a lot of fun and really enjoyed her quarantine birthday.

Riley G.

Even though local students are forbidden from hosting a party in our homes, there are many things we can do to celebrate that special occasion. Here are two different stories sharing how a quarantine birthday unfolded. 

Gabby Rivera:

Gabby Rivera, a seventh-grade student attending Day Creek Intermediate, awoke to balloons and streamers everywhere, as well as a decoration trail leading downstairs to a birthday sash and crown. Outside was a large sign, announcing her special day, while advertising a few of her favorite things.

This was the start of this 13-year-old’s quarantine birthday. For not being able to actually hang out with friends and family, it was still magical.

After her early morning surprise, Gabby received Starbucks and a doughnut from friends, as well as waffles, courtesy of her mom.

She still had schoolwork to do, but her day was filled with happiness as she was visited by her grandparents, cousin, and aunt. Her neighbors also made her day even better by giving her flowers and posters.

Next, her favorite food, sushi, was ordered, and the birthday cake picked up. A drive-by time slot was next, with classmates, friends, family, and teachers all visiting from their cars to share their birthday greetings.

To wrap up her fantastic day, Gabby had a Zoom call with all her family and opened presents that had been delivered by loved ones throughout the day.

“It was my best birthday ever!” said Gabby. And it truly was a birthday that Gabby will never forget.

Ruby Gentry:

Ruby Gentry, a now nine-year-old, had a two-day birthday from home. She started the day with a pumpkin muffin, one of her favorites, and then proceeded to do many fun things throughout the next two days that she thoroughly enjoyed.

Ruby and her sister built an obstacle course throughout the house and played catch outside. Since they did whatever Ruby wanted to do, they watched Willoughbys on Netflix. Next on the agenda? Painting her toes and applying fake nails.

Throughout the day, Ruby got all dressed up with makeup and played a game of hide and seek. Over the course of the two-day celebration, she also enjoyed video games with her family and went on a walk around her neighborhood where she was able to feed her neighbor’s horses. 

In the evening, she had vanilla cake and opened presents. Her favorite was a Google Dot, which she was really excited to keep in her room.

The following day she still had to do chores but was able to enjoy many hours of swimming in the evening. This definitely made up for the work that she did earlier in the day.

“Both days were magnificent and I had a lot of fun!” said Ruby G. 

Even though these girls did not have a birthday with their friends and family in person, they were still able to have lots of fun and create amazing memories.