Memes Have Caught the Corona



Memes about the Coronavirus are helping people cope with quarantine.

Christine L. and Ally D.

Nowadays, memes are considered an important part of our culture. Incorporating humor into recent events has become popular among the younger population, and has even wormed its way into the older generations’ humor. 

Dark or “depressing” jokes are especially prevalent, so it’s no surprise that coronavirus humor has spread across the Internet.

For the past several months, the world has struggled with the effects of COVID-19. To alleviate that stress, humorous memes flew onto the scene. 

Some of these memes target wholesome moments during this difficult time; while others condemn “Karens” for hoarding toilet paper. Meme accounts across the Internet have been churning out endless content that lighten the dark collective mood. 

“Without humor, the alternative is to just wallow in sadness and isolation, which is not healthy,” Deellan Khanaka, an events coordinator in Berkeley, California said, “It’s a way of coping and connecting.”

All the while, COVID-19 memes have also succeeded in the passing of information. Though the intel isn’t always accurate, it is efficient in communicating awareness. 

“I actually learned about where the corona was and which country [had the most cases] through Reddit [memes],” said Logan L.

While some may condemn the Internet for promoting misconceptions of COVID-19, coronavirus-themed memes and jokes provide comic relief amid the quarantine.

“Using humor is just how people cope in grim circumstances, and it’s a very healthy response,” said psychologist April Foreman, an executive board member of the American Association of Suicidology.

Finding humor within a dilemma isn’t a new concept. Those suffering during World I War and World War II often poked fun at their predicaments to cope with their difficulties. As a result, many considered the 1600s to be an age of “practical joking.”

Students at Day Creek are also using this method (in the form of memes) to spend their free time during lockdown. 

I feel like memes really help fill my free time. When I’m not finishing homework, watching anime, or gaming, I like to look at memes. I probably spend 1 or 2 hours looking at memes on Reddit,” said Royce C.

Through these difficult times, memes are providing moral support to students struggling with the sudden lockdown.